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How to Revamp Your Desired Kitchen Cabinets Without Having to Replace the Entire Thing!

If you have never experienced the beauty and durability of a cabinet refinished in Louisville, there is little chance that you have not done it at some point. Most cabinet refronting projects are quick and easy, because the materials can be purchased locally and most cabinet restoration companies offer highly-qualified professionals. Professional cabinet refronting in Louisville and throughout the United States take many forms, but all involve some combination of sanding, coating, staining, and polishing. Basic cabinet refacing typically takes no stain or color change and makes for little added work to the home owner. A highly-experienced cabinet refinishing company in Louisville can give any kitchen cabinet restoration a clean and virtually repairable appearance, and none of the noise, dust, or mold that competing cabinet fronting companies leave behind.

Cabinet refacing is especially well suited to kitchens and bathrooms, where the surfaces are more susceptible to staining than other areas of the house. For example, kitchen cabinets that are heavily used with cookware or dishes, such as a butcher block sink, may become stained from food and other fluids, and discoloration will occur over time. In such cases, refinishing the cabinets may not only provide improved appearance and functionality, but also save money over the long-term since heavily used kitchen cabinets tend to lose their resilience over time. High-quality cabinet restoration in Louisville and across the United States are possible, when professional cabinet refronting is chosen to restore the surfaces of cabinet bodies and doors.

Cabinet refacing in Louisville can also improve the resale value of homes, since homeowners tend to ask more for highly-used cabinets. An experienced cabinet restoration in Louisville can create brand new cabinets to showroom floor plans and bring life back to an old kitchen or bathroom. There are several cabinet options available in today’s market, including top-of-the-line, high-end, hardwood, laminate and engineered wood surfaces, and classic, old-fashioned oak or pine. If cabinet refacing in Louisville is decided upon, the cabinet restoration company will begin by examining the existing cabinetry and taking away decaying and age spots.

Custom cabinet tops are an attractive option for homeowners who want to modernize their kitchen cabinets. Many cabinet refronting and refinishing companies in Louisville offer custom cabinet tops, or we can design and construct them to your specifications. When talking about custom cabinets and the way they can add character to an otherwise lifeless room, many cabinet specialists in Louisville recommend using genuine wood cabinet tops and doors. While synthetic materials may seem like more affordable alternatives, cabinet experts in Louisville insist that natural hardwood cabinet tops and doors are preferable, for several reasons. The main reason is that natural wood has inherent strength and durability, which means that it will not crack, warp or rot after years of heavy use.

In addition to using solid hardwood, we also recommend using custom cabinetry parts such as door panels, drawer fronts and cabinet faces. By using custom parts, you can completely alter the look of your cabinets without replacing the entire cabinet doors. For example, some kitchen refurbishment specialists use “skull” shapes and “torsos” to dress up plain kitchen cabinets in a retro, vintage or artistic manner. Likewise, cabinet experts in Louisville recommend using wood cabinet doors with detailed moldings and decorative trim patterns. Using these custom elements will help give your kitchen the personality it needs to make your entire home feel more warm and inviting.

To finish off our discussion on cabinet renovation in Louisville, we would like to share some finishing touches to complete the “look” you have been after. Like real wood, you may want to consider using real, high-gloss paint to cover your cabinet doors and drawers, to give them a more finished look. Likewise, we recommend using a fine, high-quality cabinet hardware such as knobs and pulls made out of crystal or stainless steel. These finishing touches will give you the “wow” factor that every cabinet restorer hopes his customers will experience when they see their restored kitchen cabinets.